Because, why?
To me, the desire to create is insatiable. 
The act, euphoric.  The struggles, productive.  The product, healing.  

To open to a deeper state within oneself requires courage, and it requires trust.  
To then allow the mysteries discovered within such a place to come out in whatever color, noise, or medium required, well I have found this to be entirely therapeutic--and honest to the core. 

And that is the lure.  

I Paint

My oil paintings are for sale. 
I am available for commissioned murals. 
I enjoy creating hand-painted signs for small businesses. 
I will take on a commissioned oil painting if it fits within my current body of work. 

My work is currently being shown in California, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Prints are available upon request.

I Perform

I write songs in solitude.  
I enjoy learning songs together.
I play the banjo.  I play the piano.  I play the ukulele.  I love to sing. 
I have the honor of sharing a stage with:
Sara & Jacob - {A Freak Folk Duo}
Gentle Spirit - {Psychedelic Alternative Rock}

I have performed in the San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, Oregon, and Idaho.
Message me to book a show.

I Place

I work as a Graphic Designer / Marketing REA in San Francisco. 
I work as a Freelance Graphic Designer / Marketer for small-to-large businesses alike.  
I design album artwork, t-shirt designs, and other marketing materials for bands across the country.
I like things clean, with a painterly finish.